HIM Services

The integrity of your revenue cycle depends on complete confidence in your processes, performance, and adaptability. Today, more change, more complexity, and more work can threaten that integrity.

VHC can help. Our seasoned professionals understand the full revenue cycle and excel at identifying opportunities to improve charging, billing, and reimbursement. We serve more than 300 hospital clients and ensure compliance in everything we do.

We are a full-service provider of HIM services. Call us to talk about your specific challenges.

  • Coding & Charge Capture Audits
  • DRG Validation
  • CDM Review & Strategic Pricing
  • DNFB & Failed Claims Resolution
  • Operational Assessments
  • Remote Coding

Innovative coding strategies give our clients opportunities to increase both efficiency and effectiveness.

Let VHC resolve your coding and other revenue cycle challenges with customized solutions that smooth out operations ups and downs and achieve your highest performance goals.

Are your HIM challenges mounting up?

VHC solutions put you over the top.

Even the best run revenue cycle operations can’t do it all alone; there are just too many priorities.

VHC’s seasoned professionals average over 25 years of HIM and Revenue Cycle experience. We offer a high level of expertise to maximize your ROI.

What does revenue cycle “consulting” really mean?

Hospital managers too often think of “consulting” only in terms of time-consuming, even if valuable, high-level assessments and big-picture thinking. Some situations do call for that. But many day-to-day, more operational challenges also benefit from outside perspective and expertise. That consulting approach makes use not only of clear-headed problem-solving but also hands-on application of solutions in the workplace.