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Payer Search Services

Uncollected Self Pay accounts can be hard on a hospital’s bottom line. Yet VHC has determined that on average, 3% to 8% of accounts labeled Self Pay, charity, or bad debt are actually covered by a third party payer.

Through careful analysis and “scrubbing” of a hospital’s Self Pay files, VHC identifies missed third party coverage. Our approach complements the standard eligibility tools already in place, accepting detailed Self Pay accounts receivable data and returning corrected information in an efficient, strategic format. And it goes without saying that the Payer Search program is compliant with applicable billing and collection regulations. 

Medicare Secondary Payer Search Services

VHC’s ability to discover missed third party eligibility information has been extended to searching for payer coverage that is secondary to Medicare paid claims. VHC identifies paid claims that do not have a listed secondary payer and where Medicare did not initiate a cross-over billing, and searches for missed or retroactively activated coverage.  The source of VHC's work is a copy of Medicare’s remittance advice sent to the provider, and VHC returns confirmed, active coverage in a format that can be easily referenced for timely provider billing.