Software Solutions

Ensure the high performance of your revenue cycle from beginning to end with our robust, state-of-the-art software.

A modeling system with built-in contract management software makes identifying and working with underpayments “so easy,” says one of our clients. Plus the technology results in better charge capture and documentation as well as identifying revenue opportunities.

On the front end, our Web-based charge capture reconciliation tool employs the industry’s most comprehensive rules-based, code-pair logic to:

  • Identify missing and non-compliant charges
  • Customize complex workflows and management dashboards
  • Identifies claims for review and correction
  • Updates claims for on-target charge capture and compliant billing

On the back end, our revenue cycle management, cloud-based software as a service:

  • Manages contract negotiation and performance
  • Supports employee productivity and accountability
  • Accelerates cash flow and revenue growth
  • Reduces costs by increasing efficiency

Stronger metrics across the board.

Administrative costs alone can drop by 30 percent.
Do you face day-to-day challenges to . . .
  • Manage productivity and accountability?
  • Free staff up for other projects or responsibilities?
  • Accelerate collections and increase denial recovery and cash flow?
  • Develop elegant solutions your staff can easily put to work?
Is it sometimes a struggle for your staff to . . .
  • Verify expected payment vs. actual payment?
  • Negotiate better contracts?
  • Address expiring contracts in time?
  • Calculate plan benefits for all payers?

We have the charge capture reconciliation you want.

Why audit outpatient claims?

Many hospitals perform inpatient and DRG analysis. Many fewer take the next step to audit outpatient claims. Yes, outpatient audits are more difficult. Most hospital revenue cycle operations and third-party administrators don’t have the resources to conduct them. But our extensive experience shows that they’re missing out. Outpatient claims audits do provide real value.